United Potteries Saigon

Facts and Figures

– Established 1987

– We ship an excess of 1.500 containers per year

– Produce and warehouse on over 50.000 square meters

– Employ over 400 people

– Pack as per customer needs: master, drop test, customised

– Comply with BSCI

Our Mission

We believe in the value of handmade products. Our aim is to supply our customers with artisanal goods that allow to create a unique market position and to support the local community with sustainable work and training opportunities. 


Since the foundation of United Potteries Saigon in the late 80’s we have worked closely together with our customers on their changing demands. Also, in the last year we were fortunate to have increased our presence in more regions of the world. You can find United Potteries Saigon products in about 40 countries.

We take the challenge that comes with different demands as reason to constantly develop and improve. Thanks to the close exchange with our partners we were able to enlarge our range of classical and contemporary pieces.  

For our stoneware goods we are working with regional materials and traditional techniques. Our industrial concrete line has been specially enforced with natural materials to be lightweight. Our fibre stone products are a synergy between durability and weight. From single items to full collections we develop, design and produce furniture, garden planters, vases, lamps and decorative items. In the last years, we focused on innovating the use of raw materials, the production workflow, finishes and designs.  

United Potteries Saigon established its own manufacturing in 1992. We manage and operate our own production, design and development centre. We follow a strict quality protocol for all our items and in addition we comply with international standards. We aim at protecting the environment while acting responsible. Besides BSCI and Omega certifications, we closely cooperate on behalf of our customers with TUV, Bureau Veritas, Intertek, Reliance and other quality control organizations.